Community Rules

No offensive content


No spreading of any copyrighted material


No spamming or advertising


No hate speech or discrimination


Cursing is only allowed in moderation & situation


If you want to share or use content that is not yours, you must contact the publisher before doing so


If there is an issue amongst the community that can't be resolved, please contact us. We will get back to you within 24 hours. 


If you are publishing a rated R story to the forum, you must let the audience know in the title, (i.e. 18+). Remember anyone 13 years and older will be able to join.



Frequently asked questions

Who can sign up to be a member of BloggersOnly?

Anyone over the age of 13 with parents permission. We encourage people of all ages to join!

Do I need to be a member in order to create or comment in the community forum?

Yes. It's a quick and easy signup!

Who runs BloggersOnly?

That seems to be the mystery, huh? Well. We're just going to keep it a secret for now. ;)

I have a technical problem that needs to be resloved sooner that 24 hours. What can I do?

We hope that never happens. But if it does, don't panick! If you experience technicial issues, for an example; freezing, crashing, pages being disoriented, post won't publish, etc, please let us know! We hate the inconvience it is causing you in order to enjoy your time here on BloggersOnly. All technical issues should and must be forwarded to '', as soon as possible. *In order to fully investiage and resolve the issue(s), you are required to submit 2 screenshots or 1 video of the issue you are having to help resolve the error.

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